Videokont 4, New Media Festival, 04.15.2003          
  Dariusz Kociński - instalation "Video picture"       16.00 "KONT" Gallery  
  Łukasz Guzek - a show + a lecture "The Internet - a medium of picture communication"       17.15 ACK, ACK, "Small Stage"  
  A historian of art, a candidate for a doctor's degree at the Daprtement of Art. History at Jagielloński University; he is occupied in a theory of modern art and art criticism; he used to manage an uncommercial "QQ" Gallery, which concentrated on "time based" art. Nowadays, together with Efka Szczyrek and Mariusz Krzysztofik, he co-organizes Spam Team, which carries out the net project

The show "The Internet - a medium of picture communication" deals with the presence of pictures in the net and how they enable us to communicate by means of sending the pictures out, in the field of art, of course. It is carried out by artists who feel the net and are aware of its peculiarity.

Artist presented at the show:
Piotr Wyrzykowski: "There is No Body",
Laura Pawela,
Waldek Pranckiewicz: "Time",
Tomasz Dubielewicz: "w3crew.grupa",
  Efka_S - a movie show + the net project "Intel Power"       17.45ACK, ACK, "Small Stage"  
  Ewa Szczyrek
A student of the fifth year of ASP in Cracow, curator and co-author of project She is occupied in an interactive insatallation, video art and net art.

"Intel Power", video movie 3' and internet presentation at:

Both the internet page and video movie, which is a commercial, are to promote the "Intel Power" product.
"Intel Power" is a bra making up the lack of knowledge.
"Intel Power" enhances natural development of woman's intellect.
"Intel Power" your Milky Way to get to know the mysteries of the universe!
Since today, breast and genious means the same!
      Intel Power  
  Jakub de Barbaro - a set of internet animated cartoons "Net Film Fest"       18.00 ACK, ACK, "Small Stage"  
  Set of movies presented at a "Net Film Fest" show:
Script, direction, animation: Brian Ziffer, James Lloyd;
Music: NOAISM;
Title: "Life Program" (4:00);
Production: systemsoular&

Soular system and Naoism create audiovisual spectacles, multimadia installations, performances. Their works are exhibited mainly in the USA, but they have planned a tournee around the West Europe for May this year.

Author: Youn-hae Chang
Title: "Perfect artistic website" (5:30)

Youn-hae Chang comes from Korea. He is occupied chiefly in animation destined for the internet. He is a renowned artist exhibiting his works around the world. He says: "...My Web art tries to express the essence of the internet information".

Autor: Nando Costa
Titles: "Trikala" (3:00), "Squerpusher" (1:17), "Ism" (1:00), "K10K" (1:00)

Hungryfordesign is the personal interactive showcase of Nando Costa, Brazilian Graphic Artist born native of Rio de Janeiro. The site was launched in 1999 and rather than becoming a wellspring for design and art history as intended, it became the main vehicle to express Nando's visual ideas. It's a replacement for the paper and the canvas he was once so used to communicating with.

Author: Craig Frazier
Titles: "Holes" (2:00), "Greenvile" (1:50), "Pipedream" (1:50)

He has been working as a graphic artist since 1978, and as an illustrator since 1996. He publishes his works in "Communication Arts", "American Illustration" and "Society of Illustration".

Author: Theodore Ushev
Titles: "Aurora" (ok.1:00), "Time is..." (ok. 1:00), "Frenzy" (ok. 2:00)

He calls himself a professinal graphic artist, an animator and an illustrator. He manages his own studio. He won numerous prizes in the domain of computer animation.

Authors: Amit Pitaru, James Paterson
Title: "Insertsilence" (3:00)

Amita Pitaru and James Paterson realized during a conference organized in London thet they had been living in the same street in Brooklyn. Intersilence" is an effect of their later co-operation.

Author: James Paterson
Title: "Pope" (2:15)
Music: Buck 65

James Paterson is a young Canadian artist who is perhaps best known for his Salacious animated stick figures. He has been widely regarded as an innovator of Flash animation techniques and is developing several short films specifically designed for the Internet.
      Hungry for Des  
      Craig Frazier  
      James Paterson  
  Igor Krenz - a presentation of video movies       19.00 ACK, ACK, "Cinema hall"  
  1959 - he studied at ASP in Warsaw; He created a film co-operative "Kino", co-author of many groups, e. g. "Usługi Fotograficzne", association "A Jar", "Mały Szu V-Deo Thepartmeat", "MonteVideo" and group "Azorro". He is occupied in video art. He lives and works in Warsaw.

Over 60 movies including "The Fire Is Better Than The Scissors", "A Mechanic Rooster Is Killed By A Burst Of A Balloon", "Two Disappearances Of A Ball In Parallel Space", "Good And Bad", "A Stone And A Can".

A set of movies in an author "Video" presentation:

"The fire Is Better Than The Scissors" 0'31;
"Disappearance Of A Box Of Matches" 0'15;
"Unsuccessful Attempt To Kindle Gasoline" 4';
"Tired Flies" 3'36;
"There Is Only The Right Edge Of The Screen" 0'40;
"Find The Appropriate Number Of Details" 1';
"20 Times Bad, 1 Time Good" 7'50;
"Two Disappearance Of A Ball In Parallel Space" 0'39;
"What Is It?", "Which Match Is Better?", "Why?", "How many?"...20'.
      "Tired Flies" 3'36  
      "20 Times Bad, 1 Time Good" 7'50  
  Małgorzata Jankowska - a set of movies "VIDEO, VIDERE, VID - there is really something like this"       19.45 ACK, ACK, "Cinema hall"  
  She got a doctor's degree at ASP in Toruń. She works as an assistant in the Institution of History of Modern Art. there. She co-operates with the "Wozownia" Gallery running an author "PresentAkcje" programme. For three years she has been a curator of a "Meeting Of A Workshop" show, which is devoted to promotion of young artists interested in video art. She is a member and an initiator of "Art's Fort Association", Cracow, and a founder of "Modern Art Association", Toruń.

A set of presented movies:
"VIDEO, VIDERE, VIDI - there is really something like this":

Dorota Chilińska (Toruń), "There is really something like that" 8',
Małgorzata Dobke (Gdańsk), "A way" 4', "Ti-Les" 11',
Angelika Fojtuch (Gdańsk), "Mamix" 5'02, "I LIKE TO PLAY WITH A DOLL" 2'10, "Onitoja" 1'58,
Ewa Partum (Łódź/Berlin), "A change", ?',
Magdalena Sowierszenko (Koszalin), "Femininity" 3', "ReVival" 4' (document of performance),
Bergamon Group (Poznań), "Ristricted life" (document of performance) 10'.

Works from the Institution of Interactive graphic Art in Wrocław (2001):
Monika Grzesiewicz (Wrocław), "A Man Of A Foam", "You Haven't Shaved",
Anna Jałosińska (Wrocław), ***,
Karolina Maria Wiśniewska (Wroclaw), "Disorder",
Alina Kosewicz (Wrocław), "It Happens A Lot",
Marta Szajneman i Magda Chuchnowska (Wrocław), "Puppets", "Maybe...",
Violetta Tycz (Wrocław), ***,

(The whole programme of ZGI ASP in Wrocław lasts approximately 20 minutes).
        Dorota Chilińska "There is really something like that" 8'  
  Wojciech Zamiara - a set of movies "Intermediumistic Workshop ASP in Gdańsk"       20.40 ACK, "Cinema hall"  


Born in 1960. He is a multimedia artist. He articulates his philosophy in life being a graphic artist, author of video productions, installations, graffiti and scenography. He is an author of numerous performance and video-musical actions. Inwardly related with the F. R. G. z S. "MÓZG" from Bydgoszcz. His video productions were shown on reviews, festivals and in galleries all around the world. Together with professor Witosław Czerwonka, they run the Intermediumistic Workshop at ASP in Gdańsk.

A set of presented movies:
"An Intermediumistisc Workshop at ASP in Gdańsk":

Adam Chyliński, "Fotoplastikon" 8',
Paweł Daciuk, "I Live" 5',
Robert Jurkowski, "Ikar" 4',
Tomasz Kopcewicz, "Piramid" 3',
Bogdan Olech, "Buju, buju" 5',
Sebastian Woźniak, "Story" 4',
Sebastian Woźniak & Mateusz Pęk, "Waiting" 10',
Piotr Wyrzykowski, "Beta Nassau" 10',
Wojciech Zamiara, "A Song Of A Sad Rumanian" 6', "???" 6',
"Animation" 6', "2000th" 1', "A Way To The Truth" 10'.
  Dj Dokuro & Vj Kubaka - audiovisual show "Commbo AV mix"       22.00 "Hades" Cafe  
  Kuba de Barbaro aka Kubaka - a graphic artist, a photographer, an author of video projects, an organizator of a few audiovisual shows. He has been occupied in making projects for the WWW ror several recent years.

Dokuro - dj and a producer. He is popular thanks to numerous parties on the club scene of Cracow. He favoures ragga, jungle, drum'n'bass and breakbeat. They are both members of Commbo-Cracow associataion for the benefit of new media art.