The vision of the world through an instant

18 marca 2004 r. godz. 18.00, ACK UMCS "Mała Scena"


Is a project by OOFF.OURO made between Europe and Assemini-Sardinia.

The chance for necessity: the representation as outpost on the world. The incredible necessity to go through the impossible drive us to search in to the reality the rubbles, the instinct fossils that the man has gradually suppressed during its evolution and during the progressive and dramatic accession of the consume system. The loss of any instinct interaction with the chance, has made a strong fear of the oblivion and of the unknown. This mark more distinctly, day by day, the edges between the right and the wrong, between the truth and the false and above all between possible and impossible. We want to knock down the certitude that makes the man a slave of the truth raised up over a pedestal, called liberty. We want to observe the objects with the no-certitude of the variation, of the possible combination between things that can generate a shape rather than another one, a truth rather than another one. We want use the ruins of the body to liberate the phantoms of pre-life and after-death, and make an organism, in which the stage is the belly to combinate these entity, as the biologist Stanley Miller did in the famous experiment during the 1953. The man, slave of the full certitude of the only and indivisible shape that is the truth, is dead. Necessity! This is for us the only certitude. Saying that, we have started to observe the world and the objects in it contained. We have started to understand that could be important to develop a new parallel way of knowledge through the constitution of a new language system in which concentrate all of our practices. Its parallel nature allow us to explore the world through a process of Filing, Combination and Representation of any object or shape that can amplify the concept of memory. In this case is not the recollection, as it could be thought, made dirty by unmoveable icons and victory illusion, but the idea is much more closed to the purity of a calculator. Making shape outlines from the background to help us to overtake the pedestal of the truth that call the things by name and by function.
We want to leave them free to join and to weave as happen in an organism. It is the vehement necessity to know the world, to raise the walls in which enclosure ourself, to explore, to converge the massive quantity of objects and facts that accidentally and continuously follow each other in the world. Is the possibility to raise up new outposts to explore the world through an instant, through an minimum movement, an insignificant moment, the eyelids blinking of the number which from 0 became 1. It is the representation of the massive friction of the atoms matter that cracking, in which is possible to meet, between the clefts of the protons, the origin of the shape, the abyss of the structure of the things. Only the instinct leaved to chance can overturn the chains of the icon. The re-combination of the reality objects, is the key, the focal point to peer at the "possible hided", to understand what real matter to being alive: the vision of the world through an instant. Everything is inside of a fragile crystal container: objects, humans, bodies, corpses, wreches of the world. Start the process, the transformation, the expansion through the clefts of the matter, the light goes through it, the clouds become dense of rust, the powder falls, the vision blurs. A brazen grotesque, become the vision of a sublime chaos.

The project N.P.A Officina Ouroboros was born in Sardinia as No Profit association four years ago. The project was born with the intention to work around theatre and performance, organize event as festival and workshop, through idea of the Ouroboros. The mithological animal, similar to a snake, that eat continuously its tail. Through this, N.P.A officinaouroboros starts a exploration process of the world, of the infinity fractal objects of the knowledge.
OOFF.OURO is a work group inside N.P.A officinaourobors, that works around, theatre, dance-movement, sounds and image, developing, in different way, the matter of the human being's evolution onto the territory of the contemporany society.
From January 2004 OOFF.OURO/N.P.A Officinaouroboros has the base in Wroclaw, Poland.
The components of the group are Alessandro Carboni and Danilo Casti.